Think small?

Today, for a keynote at the SITE 2021 conference, I reflected on the impact on our educational systems as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the pivot to remote teaching. In particular I took a deep dive into where we have been, where we are now, and where there is potential for future systemic and permanent change. For the overview of where have been and where we are now, I focused on just three things: 1) how access to technology has changed as a result of the pandemic, 2) how remote teaching has resulted in a significant shift to a focus on learners in the learning process, and 3) how the pandemic has highlighted not only deficiencies in teacher preparation but has impacted teacher preparation programs in a significant and positive ways. I referenced Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point: How Little Things can Make a Difference as a possible framework for guiding our efforts to permanent change by “thinking small.”  By request, I share below a partial list of references that I used for my presentation. 

Thank you SITE for providing me the opportunity to share my thoughts!


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