Quick Tips for Collaboration and Differentiation in the online and blended classroom…


  • Create a classroom timeline focused on a trend or topic and have students add to it each year. Top 10 Free and Paid Interactive Timeline Makers (Updated 2020) 
  • Create a Diigo shared resource repository for your classroom. Allow students to join and share resources. 
  • Post links to student projects on Padlet and ask students to post peer review results, or post the results of their brainstorming then arrange them by theme. 
  • Create a class site using Schoology, a free learning management tool. Conduct online discussions and reflection activities. Add resources, assignments, videos, and tutorials for 24/7 access to learning materials. 
  • Use Google Docs to share ideas or reflections. 
  • Let students create interest centers using Google Sites. Post a problem of the month based on interest. 


  • Create classroom books using CAST Book Builder  Embed the translation tool for multilingual students. Or better yet, let students create their own books! 
  • Create a free WIX website and post information using multiple representations as outlined by Universal Design for Learning (UDL) (i.e. text, video, images). 
  • Create a class discussion topic using FlipGrid or learners can respond in text, audio or video using Voicethread  
  • Reinforce on-task behaviors using Class Dojo
  • Use PowerMyLearning  to support differentiated learning with engaging, free activities on the Web. 

More great ideas can be found at How to Teach Remotely: The Ultimate Guide 

Content Specific Resources

Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy: Educational Toolkit for At-Home Learning

Distance learning literacy resources for elementary-aged kids

Common Sense Media

NCTE: Resources for virtual instruction and online teaching

Moving discussions online 

The power of podcasts to engage pupils

Teach questions, not answers: science literacy is a crucial skill  

Viewing Comprehension Strategies: Watching Videos Like You Read A Book


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