Back in the Saddle Again….

It’s been a busy summer with some some changes to report. I moved on from my role as Associate Chair and am currently acting Interim Chair in the department while Lisa is on sabbatical. I hit the ground running in July and haven’t stopped for a breath since. I’m busy learning all about budgets and such and not missing the AC duties at all.

Also, I’m absolutely thrilled to be back in the classroom again! I never thought I would miss it so much and didn’t really realize I missed it at all until I opened my class up this week. Since taking on the position of Associate Chair last year and Chair this year, my teaching load must naturally be reduced so I am only required to teach one class each Fall. I just hope that’s enough to keep me happy!

My last post in June (sorry) mentioned the legislative approval of the Idaho K-12 Online Endorsement. I just wanted to share that the last stamp of approval came this August from the Idaho State Board of Education. The Department of Educational Technology is now, officially, a state approved program for the endorsement. We’re busy strategizing and planning for implementation and are very excited about the flexibility in the language that allows for a competency-based assessment process – something very new to all of us in Idaho.

In addition to the endorsement, the department was also given the green light for an online doctoral program in Educational Technology! We have worked many long years on this initiative and the stars finally aligned. Since we were just given the go-ahead, we are working very hard now on planning for a start in Fall 2012. Contact Dr. Ross Perkins ( for more info.

I participated in 3D Game Lab Summer Camp3D Game Lab is a gaming environment for learning developed by Lisa Dawley and Chris Haskell. 3D Game Lab Summer Camp hosted about 200 educators and others in technology related fields in August. I have to say, I was absolutely addicted from the first quest.  The feelings, the behaviors, and the actions are very game-like. I found myself constantly focused on trying to level up and receive badges, awards and achievements – and all the time I was learning!! It was really quite incredible and very hard to describe. If you have the opportunity you have got to try it! I predict this will be the next new wave learning environment!!

On a more personal note… I’m happy to report that both of my children and their respective spouses are now located much closer to home. My son and his wife have been stationed at Bangor, WA and now live in Poulsbo – a lovely, quaint town in the perfect location. You can read about all of their adventures in the A Day in the Life blog that Kristin maintains. Thanks Kristin!! My daughter and her husband have also relocated from Cheyenne, WY to Vancouver, WA. I am just so thrilled to have my family close to me again!


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